New for 2024!

A brand-new curriculum and e-learning platform.

Our brand-new training programme has been designed with a leading behavioural scientist to ensure that not only what we teach, but how we teach it is the best informed it can possibly be, and the content has been designed working with two MWs and an MS.  In addition, we are proud to launch our e-learning platform and app, that uses state of the art gamification to deliver results that last.

How We're Different

How we teach matters as much as what we teach!

We have been working with a behavioural scientist to ensure that our training is unique to the wine trade and uses the most evidence-based training techniques.  Not only can we tell you that our trainng works, but also why.  Our brand-new e-learning platform uses the most up to date technology as well as training psychology to be certain that what we do gets restuls.

Why We Know It Works

We are driven by data.

We have the evidence to back up everything we do, the testimonials from people we have trained, and we are constantly running data analysis to make sure we know that what we do is working.  On average we can improve your sales by around 10% in terms of both volume and value.  If you would like to improve your customer service and your revenue stream, get in touch now!

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